Official Selection 2017



Directors / Writers

Pearl Island Iraq Dana Karim
“Like A Summer Sonata” Germany Natalie MacMahon
CIGNO (SWAN) Italy Giovanni Rossi
I come in pieces France Mikaël Vecchio
Archway 0173 United Kingdom Pat Knight
Sharbat United States Jayesh Hariharan
That which you don’t see Italy Dario Samuele Leone
The Janitor United States Alejandro Victorero
Glimmers Italy Marcello Di Trocchio
Rel Air Indonesia Findo Bramata Sandi
Upír France Laura Rembault
Teddy Bear Italy Hermes Mangialardo
Hunters United Kingdom Ollie Briscall-Harvey
Dearly Beloved United Kingdom Cory Kelly
Everything is allowed France Anaïs Girard-Blanc
KASCO Iran, Islamic Republic of Mojtaba Ghasemi
The arrangement of the millimeter Italy Andrea Sestu, Matteo Brizzi
Celeste Italy Flavio Tarquini
Santa Klawn United States Jeffrey Lee DuPree