Official Selection 2015

Country: Hungary
Dough (2015)

Country: Hungary, United Kingdom
Woman in Gold (2015)

Country: UK
Die Geträumten (2016)

Country: Austria
Dibbuk: A tale of a Wondering Soul (2015)

Country: Poland, Sweden, Ukraine, Israel
Finding babel (2015)

Country: USA, France, Canada, Russia, Ukraine
Brundibar Revisited (2014)

Country: German, Czech
The last of the Injust (2013)

Country: France
The village of Peace (2014)

Country: USA,Israel
Jerusalem Boxing Club (2015)

Country: Israel
The Kozalchik Affair (2015)

Country: Israel, Poland
Beyond the fear (2015)

Country: Israel,Latvia
Because I was a Painter (2013)

Country: France, Germany
Day 40 (2014)

Country: Canada
Bacon and Gods Wrath (2015)

Country: Canada
What Cheer? (2014)

Country: USA
Mendels Tree (2009)

Country: Australia
7 day Gig (2013)

Country: USA
What’s in a Name (2014)

Country: USA
A good Joke (2015)

Country: Canada
Incognito (2015)

Country: UK
The Divorce (2014)